Seminary Extension Courses for 2016 – 2019


Fall 2016

  • Genesis 1-11
    Taught by Rev. Daniel Shrader


  • Old Testament Introduction Part 1
    Taught by Rev. William Lunsford


Spring 2017

  • Old Testament Survey (Part 2)
  • Evangelism


Fall 2017

  • New Testament Survey (Part 1)
  • Isaiah


Spring 2018

  • Dynamics of Teaching
  • New Testament survey (Part 2)


Fall 2018

  • Public Worship
  • Romans


Spring 2019

  • Systematic Theology
  • Exodus

Fall 2019

  • Nehemiah
  • Disciplines of Discipleship

This schedule would allow a person to earn a Certificate in Christian Studies in 4 years, completing all the classes through HBBI. The plan as it is now (5 years between the two programs—Certificate in Christian Studies Diploma in Ministry Training) leaves 6 classes of the Certificate to be completed in Independent Study.

Cost Per Course: $70.00

Students enrolled in these courses are fulfilling requirements for a Diploma in Biblical Studies.

Students can audit the courses with no obligation of taking the exams or writing the papers. These students are required to register for the course and pay the course fee.

For further information contact:
Holston Baptist Association (423) 929-1196 or

*The Fee for each course is $70.00 for Holston Baptist Association church members.