Ben Proffitt – Director of Missions

It is my privilege to serve as Director Of Missions for the churches of HBA and their leaders and members. We are the benefactors of a rich heritage of mutual edification and cooperative missions, yet today, we are striving to “retool” for relevance in this generation, as we measure success in terms of “transformation” — of lives, churches, and communities — by the grace and power of Christ.

Transformation is our mission, and Association exists to facilitate relationships and resources that will strengthen and assist sister churches in fulfilling that God-given mission — together. We will not replicate the church; We exist only to help the church do what only the church is called to do.

To strengthen healthy churches, revitalize struggling churches, and plant thriving churches, every kind of church help that we can utilize will be available through the following Ministry Groups (and their Specialty Teams): (see “What We Do”)
Prayer & Worship
Resourcing & Relationships
Making Disciples
Missions & Ministry

Remember, the sister churches are the Association, and the members are the churches. So to be an effective Association, we all need one another, and we need you — your devotion to His Cause, your prayers, your support, and your involvement in pursuit of transformational impact through Christ — in interdependence, mutuality, and unity of spirit!


Ginger Dalton – Church & Community Director

Leads “collaborative ministries,” including:
* ICU Waiting Room Ministry at Johnson City Medical Center
* Prison Ministry at the Northeast Correctional Facility
* Appalachian Fair & Carnival Workers Ministry
* Family Ministries at the Johnson City Baptist Center
* Widowed Persons Reach Out and support group


Kim Kitzmiller – Administrative Assistant

* Facilitates the daily functions of our offices;
* Tracks and assists in the management of everything regarding the finances for HBA — contributions, planning and budgeting and taxes;
* Helps connect churches with resources needed and solutions sought.


Megan Ponder – Ministry Assistant

Megan is the new “voice of Holston.” She will be the one answering the phone and helping you when you call as well as designing the Messenger and publications you receive.