This is an icon representhing the church being on mission for Christ.

Our Mission

The Association exists to serve, strengthen, and unite sister churches in their efforts to engage, touch, and transform lives through the power of Christ.

This is an icon representhing the method used by the association to reach thier goals.

Our Method

“Churches Helping Churches Transform Lives!”
Helping to: connect God’s people with God and one another, discover and develop equipping resources and engage our communities and connect people with God.

This is an icon representhing the goal of the association.

Our Goal

To have every resource focused toward the transformation of lives.

An image displaying a three legged stool and a four legged work bench.

Using a 3-Legged Stool
1. Personalized Consultation
2. Affinity Clusters
3. Conferences

Beside a 4-Legged Workbench
1. Prayer & Worship
2. Making Disciples
3. Resources & Relationships
4. Missions & Ministry