Ben Proffitt – Associational Mission Strategist


It is my privilege to serve as Associational Mission Strategist for the churches of HBA and their leaders and members. We are the benefactors of a rich heritage of mutual edification and cooperative missions, yet today, we are striving to “retool” for relevance in this generation, as we measure success in terms of “transformation” — of lives, churches, and communities — by the grace and power of Christ.


Transformation is our mission, and Association exists to facilitate relationships and resources that will strengthen and assist sister churches in fulfilling that God-given mission — together. We will not replicate the church; We exist only to help the church do what only the church is called to do.


To strengthen healthy churches, revitalize struggling churches, and plant thriving churches, every kind of church help that we can utilize will be available through the following Ministry Groups (and their Specialty Teams): (see “What We Do”)
Prayer & Worship
Resourcing & Relationships
Making Disciples
Missions & Ministry


Remember, the sister churches are the Association, and the members are the churches. So to be an effective Association, we all need one another, and we need you — your devotion to His Cause, your prayers, your support, and your involvement in pursuit of transformational impact through Christ — in interdependence, mutuality, and unity of spirit!




Anna Huggins – Director of Ministries at Johnson City Baptist Center


Anna supervises the volunteers and events that happen at the Johnson City Baptist Center. She coordinates mission groups, special outreach events for the residents, and connects with our volunteers. Anna coordinates special projects to meet the community needs such as: Christmas in August, backpacks, Thanksgiving meal, Christmas gifts, clothes closet, and more.



Jeremy Carlson – Director Of Communications


Jeremy joined the staff at Holston in May of 2019. Liberty University’s Bachelors of Graphic Design program, has given Jeremy the ability to help usher in a new era of digital communications for the association.


 “I want to share what God is doing in our churches, to everyone in the association so that collectively we can celebrate, rejoice, encourage, support and uplift each other as one collective body. Together we have a better opportunity to reach our communities, and share the message of Jesus.”


In 2017 Jeremy married his best friend Claudia. They have enjoyed their lives living in East Tennessee, after spending much of their lives in the Pacific Northwest. In their free time they enjoy traveling, exploring, and spending time with friends, family, and their dog, Thunder.


Bryan Smith – Church Development Specialist


Bryan joined the staff at Holston in January 2018. For over 25 years, Bryan has served in the role of pastor, transitional interim, church planter and family pastor, mission team leader and as a certified independent church health consultant. His focus areas are in the areas of discipleship, evangelism, assimilation, small group development, reconciliation and renewal. In addition to serving part time at Holston, he is the Director of Spirituality for Signature HealthCARE, a leading long term care company.


Bryan is madly in love with his wife, Angie Campbell Smith, an educator in the Carter County School System and they are parents of 4 children and 5 grandchildren. In their spare time, Bryan and Angie ride motorcycles and travel.



Claudia Gimenez- Carlson – Office Manager


Claudia joined the staff at Holston in June 2018. Claudia is a PK who served alongside her father in ministry for over 20 years as well as with  several different ministries, training and teaching, speaking to women, youth, and lay leaders all over the world. She received her MA in Marriage and Family Therapy in 2005, and practiced as a Play and Sandtray Therapist, working with children and clients of all ages, helping them process trauma.

Claudia married Jeremy Carlson in 2017.  They love living in East Tennessee, where they moved after living much of their lives in the Pacific Northwest. In their free time, Claudia and Jeremy enjoy traveling, exploring, and spending time with friends, family, and their dog, Thunder.

Debby Clark – Office Secretary

Debby retired in 2016 after 25 years with Mountain States Health Alliance.  Debby is blessed and privileged to now be a part of the Holston Baptist family, joining in 2019.  Debby is married to Danny C. Clark and they have 5 grown children and 3 absolutely amazing grandchildren.  She enjoys cooking, crocheting and being a “mamaw”.